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Cheap DIY Mini UPS Inverter Charger Circuit

I was travelling from Karachi to Lahore to stay at relative’s place, they were facing load shading of 6 to 8 hours daily so due to nature of my work it was necessary for me to have a backup plan like an inverter or UPS as I need to stay online and during those days temperature was a bit hot in Lahore so I decided to make a power backup that can fulfill my needs and provide me backup for 2 to 3 hours at-least. My requirements were: 1 – To charge a laptop 2 – To charge mobile phones and...

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4 Port USB Power Adapter

If you are a pro user like me this power adapter is absolutely right choice for you. Yesterday I saw an advertisement on Facebook regarding a 4 port mobile charger and its price was 1500/= they have also given a form so anyone can buy it via filling that form. While searching on internet I found that they are selling it too expensive, even it was available on other websites like and are selling same charger for 899/= I was really amaze to know that market price of this charger was 600/= and after some efforts I was able to buy...

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Convert USB LED Light Lamp to Night Lamp

In now a days flexible USB LED lamps are commonly available on mobile shops and electronics markets, these lamps works from 5V that can be obtain via Laptop, desktop computer or from OTG mobile port. I have purchased few of these LED lamps, these are very useful as night reading lamp, laptop light, as night lamp and a lot more. These LED strips are flexible and durable, depend on quality and rates, some LED strips omits very bright light, these LEDs are also water proof and works fine under water / in wet conditions too. Although these LED strips...

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AMB 20000mah PowerBank Experience

  I believe that I am pro user and I use flagship mobile phones of Huawei and Samsung, therefore battery outage is one of the most common problem I usually face, I have used many PowerBanks including AMB’s 8000mah and several Chinese 5000 to 12000mah packs but most of those wont gave even twice full charge to my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Huawei Ascend Mate 7 so I was in search of some good battery pack that can charge my phones on the go, I was completely unsatisfied with AMBs 8000mah Powerbank but my brother told me that...

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UPS Wiring Guide

UPS Installation Guide. UPS Installation Important Instructions. If you have purchased a UPS and planing to install it in your home this guide will help you in UPS installation. Be aware main current 220V is involved in Wiring therefore keep all precautions, never touch live wires, shut the main switch off before start...

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