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Utilizing Solar Energy in Pakistan

Everyone knows about the energy crisis in Pakistan therefore by keeping in mind Iam working on a solution of that problem. My aim is to design something energy efficient that runs from some sort of efficient energy or free energy and does not utilize KESC power. For that Solar energy is best substitute for me.  As per my knowledge usually 10 hours of Sunpresenceis require to produce solar energy however in Pakistan sun presence is nearly 16 hours a day. Pakistan can produce 700,000 Megawatts from Solar Energy however till yet we are not producing even 1 Megawatt from...

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DIY Low Cost LED Bulbs

My objective with this project was to create a low cost energy saving LED bulb for slum areas. Energy saving bulbs are expensive here in Pakistan. Chinese bulbs rating 5 to 7 Watts costs around 6 to 8 US$ which are not affordable for lower middle class families. So I started working on a LED bulb but the problem is I was not able to get housing for that so I started searching for housing, an old energy server’s housing was enough for me but unfortunately I wont be able to find one for myself as shopkeepers in electronics...

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PTCL Evo 3G Wingle Battery Backup Power Pack

PTCL has unveiled various 3G device one of those devices are Evo Nitro Cloud which comes with built-in battery backup with upto 9.3Mbps speed but its expensive and another device is Evo 3G Wingle without any battery, it can be powered via USB adapter and Laptop USB power, however the Wingle device is current hog, it consumes lots of power from Laptop or tablet PC and drains battery very fast. For long meetings and events you can’t run EVO much longer, to solve this problem I have designed a lightweight, small size and cheap cost power pack, this power...

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Difference between UPS and Inverter

In now a days shopkeepers are making fool of their customers by selling Inverters as UPS, usually layman dont know the difference between an Inverter and UPS therefore I have wrote a guide before buying a UPS. Following are the difference between UPS and Inverter: Change Over Time: Usually a UPS switches to batteries during power failure within 3 to 8 milliseconds however a typical Inverter takes 300 to 800 milliseconds for switching. In now a days few inverters have less switching time and they advertise that they can run computers and televisions but it doesn’t mean that they...

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