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Interview: PJ Entrepreneur by Business Academy

A remarkable interview with one of the most prominent entrepreneur and a great person who acknowledged and empowered us about a lot of stuff regarding business. It was a privilege for Business Academy to interview him and got to know his view about our launch. Well it was an honor to get praised by such a person who has an impactful name in the business world. We planned a joined venture as well, and he even encouraged students to get training from a place where they can assure they aren’t being cheated or spammed. PJ Entrepreneur shared his experience...

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How i made my first 7 rupees

To all those who think business can never get started from scratch, I proved to those people that not only you can generate money from money. Although this is a fact but this doesn’t handicaps anyone, it’s just the will to get started anyway from anything. All you need is inner satisfaction and courage to get started even from...

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Life Changing Seminar by Sandeep Maheshwari

One of the most amazing seminar I heard and which seriously triggered and motivated me towards a different path and it surely broadened my horizon. I prefer all to have a look at it and it surely will motivate you and help in building your personality, and he surely inspired me a...

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Interview: Mitch Carson by Business Academy

An author, inspirational personality and a person who has an agenda to change the thoughts of people round the world regarding muslims and specially Pakistan. He is encouraging people and provoking them to step up and prove themselves in the best possible way. One of the most positive US native I ever met. A privilege for Pakistan to have him here and an honor for Business Academy to interview...

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