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WWW or Without WWW

Are www or no www same? Many people thinks that www and without www are same but its not true both are treated as separate websites (or www can be treated as sub domain) both www and no www can be pointed to different IP addresses. Usually making an A entry with same records in DNS settings points www same as without www. What should we choose www or no www? Search engine treats www and no www as different domains therefore page rank and page indexing of both domains can be different from each other therefore by search...

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Add Search Engine Visibility to your WordPress Blog

I have given few easy techniques which can be applied by just modifying .htaccess file these edits will increase search engine visibility, and help search engine bots to gather required data easily from your WordPress blog. 1. Remove Category Sub Directory from WordPress Permalinks via .htaccess. Use this code to remove /category/ permalink structure from your wordpress blog, just add following lines into your .htaccess file. [syntax type=”html|php|js|css”]RewriteRule ^category/(.+)$$1 [R=301,L][/syntax] 2.  Change your WordPress feed URL to FeedBurner URL via .htaccess Usually if you are using Permalinks the wordpress feed URL will be now if you are...

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