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Disable custom PHP.INI for accounts

If you are providing shared hosting sometimes its dangerous to allow custom php.ini because some users uses dangerous functions and allows custom php.ini on servers. Custom php.ini can be easily disabled via following instructions. Login to server via SSH. Open and edit following file [sourcecode language=”plain”] opt/suphp/etc/suphp.conf nano /opt/suphp/etc/suphp.conf [/sourcecode] Search for [phprc_paths] and then uncomment (remove the ; from the front) the following lines: [sourcecode language=”plain”] ;application/x-httpd-php=/usr/local/lib/ ;application/x-httpd-php4=/usr/local/php4/lib/ ;application/x-httpd-php5=/usr/local/lib/...

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Fix MySQL Server is Currently Offline issue in Cpanel / WHM

Today while working on one of server all accounts started showing following error: ”The MySQL® server is currently offline” I have tested several stuff all mysql processes were working fine. Mysql was accessible from PHPMYAdmin and it was showing all databases. Quick Fix: 1. Login into WHM 2. Change MySQL Root Password Now restart MySQL from Restart services option from WHM Hope this will fix the issue however if you still face issue try to update Cpanel via running UPCP command through SSH. [sourcecode language=”plain”]# /scripts/upcp –force[/sourcecode] Hope following tip will fix the MySQL server offline...

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Prevent DDOS Attacks via CSF

CSF is one of most common firewall as its freely available and its very effective for servers. Most of server gurus calls CSF a must have firewall for server. CSF has built-in protection against entry level to mid level DDOS attacks. If you are new to CSF please read following guide for CSF Installation and Configuration You can configure CSF firewall settings to mitigate against DDOS Attacks. CSF DDOS Settings Open CSF Configuration file. /etc/csf/csf.conf go to Section: Connection Tracking now set values 1. change CT_Limit to 100 (depend on your server resources) this will restrict number of simultaneous...

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Install and configure CSF (Config Server Security) Firewall on server

In this post I am going to describe Installation method of CSF (Config Server Firewall) . In now a days CSF is basic need for server security and is used on large number of servers for security. CSF is available for free and easy to manage / install, CSF can be managed via Cpanel too. More details about CSF are available on their official website.   CSF INSTALLATION Now start installation. 1. Login to your server via SSH. go to /tmp directory wget Download CSF into tmp directory. Now Un-Tar the file tar -xzf csf.tgz Now go...

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Connect to SFTP with different SSH Port

For security reasons its highly suggested to change SSH port of your server from default to something else. If you have changed the SSH port and wants to connect from other server to your server (for various reasons like if u want to copy backups etc.. from your server to somewhere else) use following technique to connect to your server. Connect to a server that have custom SSH port: [syntax type=”html|php|js|css”]sftp -oPort=123 root@123.456.789.10:/home/[/syntax]   One more thing when you are changing your default port (22) to something else please note that its not recommended to change SSH port to...

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