I believe that I am pro user and I use flagship mobile phones of Huawei and Samsung, therefore battery outage is one of the most common problem I usually face, I have used many PowerBanks including AMB’s 8000mah and several Chinese 5000 to 12000mah packs but most of those wont gave even twice full charge to my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Huawei Ascend Mate 7 so I was in search of some good battery pack that can charge my phones on the go, I was completely unsatisfied with AMBs 8000mah Powerbank but my brother told me that their 20,000mah powerbank works fine therefore on his suggestion I have purchased the monster power pack (Picture is given above). 

It works perfectly fine for me and I use to travel with it, the most amazing part of this device is it charges two high power devices at once and provides longer battery backup, I have dissected several other devices so I thought I should uncover AMBs device and check what battery they are actually using but out of my expectations they are utilizing good power batteries (2100mah / 3.7v  x 8  batteries) . Although it wont make it a 20,000mah device but at-least it provides approx 14000 to 15000mah output in real world.



This amazing powerhouse has built-in dual LED torch, a level indicator packed in good plastic material.

Charging Time:

It takes approx 18 hours to fully charge this monster on a 2A charger (I usually charge it on 2A cellphone charger). Although it takes too much time in charging but it lasts long and provides long backup too.

Battery Level Indicators:

It has built-in battery level meter that indicates the battery level, it works on both stages when the device is charging or when providing output.


I have purchased this Powerbank for approx 2400/= from local market so I believe this range of price makes it a low cost but good choice for power hungry users like me.



Conclusion: Overall its good choice, and you should buy it if you are power hungry user, its enough for all kind of devices from low-end phones to high end phablets and tablets, it stays long the only disadvantage I have faced its charging is slow and takes 18 hours approx to fully charge itself. If you are looking for something in small budget its best choice as compare to other powerbanks available in market like Romoss.