In now a days flexible USB LED lamps are commonly available on mobile shops and electronics markets, these lamps works from 5V that can be obtain via Laptop, desktop computer or from OTG mobile port. I have purchased few of these LED lamps, these are very useful as night reading lamp, laptop light, as night lamp and a lot more.

These LED strips are flexible and durable, depend on quality and rates, some LED strips omits very bright light, these LEDs are also water proof and works fine under water / in wet conditions too.


Although these LED strips are durable but one of my LED strip was broken when I was trying to put it out from a charger who’s port was so tight.


So there was no use of it and I was planning to dump it into bin however one night I need extra night light for our dinning room, so I thought that I should use that broken LED strip as it works fine on 5V and that much volts can be obtain from any mobile phone charger.

I easily found one old charger that comes with one of my old bluetooth headphones and it was useless for me now as those headphones were lost, so I have added a charger socket to LED strip and stick the LED strip with charger so it looks like a complete night lamp

Now Iam using that night lamp in my dining room and its working perfectly fine for me, so guys you can either buy a LED lighting strip for laptops and utilize it as night lamp or you if you have any broken strip you can repair it very easily by following same steps I have followed.

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