My objective with this project was to create a low cost energy saving LED bulb for slum areas. Energy saving bulbs are expensive here in Pakistan. Chinese bulbs rating 5 to 7 Watts costs around 6 to 8 US$ which are not affordable for lower middle class families.

So I started working on a LED bulb but the problem is I was not able to get housing for that so I started searching for housing, an old energy server’s housing was enough for me but unfortunately I wont be able to find one for myself as shopkeepers in electronics market told me that only housings are not available you have to purchase complete energy saver.

So the to resolve first problem I was searching something so it can be used for wide production because I can make a bulb with any faulty energy saver or some old LED emergency light kind of stuff.

Therefore I have decided to make the housing by myself, I have purchased one Adapter for bulb holder and one single switch plastic box for that purpose.

I cut the box from the back side and inserted the adapter into it, so it looks likes the energy saver housing. after that I have fixed the adapter via adhesive


The circuit is consists of very few parts, just one resistor , two capacitors, four diodes and six high bright 1W LEDs. I have constructed circuit without any PCB. Just twisted components with each other and sold them to make the bulb work.

led bulb

Cost of Project:

Diodes + Resistor + Capacitors  = Rs 20/=

LEDs = Rs 30/=

LED Silver Heat Sink Plate = Rs 30

Box = Rs 20/=

Adapter = Rs 15

Total Cost of Project Just  Rs 115/=


After your circuit is ready, just sold LEDs over silver 6 LED plate in series, these plates are available in market easily. After soldering the LEDs to LED Plate (that uses as heat sink for LEDs). Now connect the terminals with circuit and screw the box.

That’s it , your bulb is ready to light.