There are several ways to export database, one of most useful tool to export database is PHPMyAdmin however it takes lot of time, there are some other tools also available in Cpanel control panel to export MySQL database locally and if you want to export database from one server to another it will take a lot of time to export database via PHPMyAdmin locally and then upload and import database on another server.

The easiest way to export database on server is to use SSH shell command for MySQL export. This can be done very easily.


1. Login to your server.

2. Export MySQL database via SSH command.

[sourcecode language=”plain”]
mysqldump –opt -u database-username -ppassword database-name > export-filename.sql


1. Do not put space between -p and password.

2. Do not disconnect SSH client during export process.

It will take few minutes to import database (depend on your server resources and size of database).