PTCL has unveiled various 3G device one of those devices are Evo Nitro Cloud which comes with built-in battery backup with upto 9.3Mbps speed but its expensive and another device is Evo 3G Wingle without any battery, it can be powered via USB adapter and Laptop USB power, however the Wingle device is current hog, it consumes lots of power from Laptop or tablet PC and drains battery very fast.

For long meetings and events you can’t run EVO much longer, to solve this problem I have designed a lightweight, small size and cheap cost power pack, this power pack can charge any mobile phone, tablet pc or can power Evo Wingle for upto 3+ hours.

For EVO 3G Wingle Battery timings depend on number of devices you connect with WiFi. This device can be ready under 200 rupees. Power Pack is portable so you can take it with you anywhere you want and it can be charged via any Nokia charger , or can be modified to charge via any USB charger.


Battery Pack Powering Up PTCL EVO Wingle 3G

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Battery Pack Powering Android Smart TV Device

battery-smart [divider]

Battery Pack Charging Android Tablet PC

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Easy to Build Power Pack Circuit

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