I have posted the below content in year 2012 and it was quoted by many newspapers and mainstream media:

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After my blog Indian Government banned both Express Tribune and My Website.

The content of my blog post were:

In now a days people are posting pictures with captions like Muslims killing in Burma, Muslims slaughted by Buddhists in Burma..
I have search reality of few pics and found following:

I have found original version here:

This picture was taken in 2010 regarding Earthquake in China and tibetians community help and rescue in China. Now Islamic political parties and some other elements are sharing this image as Muslims killing / slaughter in Burma.

A view of another widely spreaded picture with caption of “More then 1000 people killed in Burma” which also has a fake caption.

Original Image and Website:
This picture is of year 2004 nearly 8 years old about riots in Thailand.

One more image is spreading on social media with logo of Jamat-e-Islami having caption “terrorists of Budhism of Burma kills 500 Muslims”

Well this image is also one of incident occur in Thiland (2nd January 2009)


One more image spreaded on Social Media regarding Muslims Killing in Burma

This picture is also misleading original picture was from Riots in Thailand and taken in 2003:


One more misleading image shared on facebook with caption “A Muslim was burned in Burma and Journalist are Taking pictures instead of saving him “

The original image was taken when Chinese president visited India:
By sharing all these doesn’t mean that Muslims aren’t killed in Burma but what I mean is we are sharing everything without verification and authenticity of image.

Well… My point is by sharing fabricated images we are creating problems for Muslims of Burma. That should be avoided.

Now in 2017 all of a sudden this issue has arises again and on my Facebook everyone is sharing false images again so now in part 2 of this post Iam busting few images again.

This picture is shared on social media with Jamat-E-Islami logo with caption (A 9mm Pistol seems in a Buddhist Monnk’s Hand)

However this original image of general riots in Burma and it was taken in 2007 – Source


I will keep updating this post as far as I get more images from SocialMedia and other resources.