Everyone knows about the energy crisis in Pakistan therefore by keeping in mind Iam working on a solution of that problem. My aim is to design something energy efficient that runs from some sort of efficient energy or free energy and does not utilize KESC power. For that Solar energy is best substitute for me. 

As per my knowledge usually 10 hours of Sunpresenceis require to produce solar energy however in Pakistan sun presence is nearly 16 hours a day. Pakistan can produce 700,000 Megawatts from Solar Energy however till yet we are not producing even 1 Megawatt from Solar energy.

Even to utilize Solar Energy for home usage we dont need government help there is a lot we can do by ourselves.
There are various positive aspects of solar energy but here are few problems in adapting Solar Energy as well when you jump into this field, so First I do some research on that and found that Solar Panels are quite expensive and not affordable for home users, another problem is that size of solar panels are too large, even to charge a UPS battery u need nearly 15 to 20 feet width and 3 feet height solar panels so everyone cannot afford that much space. Specially peoples living in flats or multi story buildings.

Another point if even someone can afford Solar Energy Panels he needs to replace Batteries used with Solar Panels for purpose of charging so that are also quite expensive.

By keeping all in mind I have started research on Solar Energy.


Here are my aims and objectives.

1. Setup must be Compact.

2. Setup must be affordable for anyone who can afford a UPS.

3. Does not have much operating expense.


So till yet I have created several prototypes of Solar Chargers , Solar Inverters, Solar Lights etc. Although iam not fully satisfied with efficiency and quality of projects I have created yet but still my prototypes are quite energy efficient low cost and high performance.

Anyone who can afford a UPS can also afford these solutions as well so I hope when people get aware about all these , they will start using Energy efficient products . By this way we can save not only lots of energy but also can get rid of KESC electricity , load shading etc…

So this is my step instead of blaming KESC iam trying to do something so I can get rid of KESC icon smile Utilizing Solar Energy in Pakistan and start a wave of change, Hope my experiments will get successful and I will be able to come with a solution.