Install and configure CSF (Config Server Security) Firewall on server


In this post I am going to describe Installation method of CSF (Config Server Firewall) . In now a days CSF is basic need for server security and is used on large number of servers for security. CSF is available for free and easy to manage / install, CSF can be managed via Cpanel too.
More details about CSF are available on their official website. Continue reading…

Export MySQL Database via SSH


There are several ways to export database, one of most useful tool to export database is PHPMyAdmin however it takes lot of time, there are some other tools also available in Cpanel control panel to export MySQL database locally and if you want to export database from one server to another it will take a lot of time to export database via PHPMyAdmin locally and then upload and import database on another server. Continue reading…

UPS Wiring Guide


UPS Installation Guide.

UPS Installation Important Instructions.

If you have purchased a UPS and planing to install it in your home this guide will help you in UPS installation. Be aware main current 220V is involved in Wiring therefore keep all precautions, never touch live wires, shut the main switch off before start wiring. Continue reading…