Fall Forward

Denzel Washington – “Fall Forward”Denzel Washington – “Fall Forward”David Wolfe Posted by David Wolfe on Sunday, September 20, 2015 Must watch amazing motivational video for entrepreneurs and startups

WWW or Without WWW

Are www or no www same? Many people thinks that www and without www are same but its not true both are treated as separate websites (or www can be treated as sub domain) both …

4 Port USB Power Adapter

If you are a pro user like me this power adapter is absolutely right choice for you. Yesterday I saw an advertisement on Facebook regarding a 4 port mobile charger and its price was 1500/= …

Convert USB LED Light Lamp to Night Lamp

In now a days flexible USB LED lamps are commonly available on mobile shops and electronics markets, these lamps works from 5V that can be obtain via Laptop, desktop computer or from OTG mobile port. …

AMB 20000mah PowerBank Experience

  I believe that I am pro user and I use flagship mobile phones of Huawei and Samsung, therefore battery outage is one of the most common problem I usually face, I have used many …
love hands

کہانی محبت کی

کہانی محبت کی تمہيں وہ رات ياد ہے ؟ زندگي کي وہ حسين ترين رات، وہ رات کي جس کا ارماں شاءد برسوں سے تھا، وہ رات ايسي کي بس نہيں چلتا تھا کہ وقت …