I’m Faraz Ahmed, an entrepreneur from Pakistan. I’ve done 3 years diploma in RTV Electronics and Bachelors’s in Computer Science from PENTA College, Karachi (affiliated with the Shah Abdul Latif University Sindh).

I love blogging, Vlogging, Reading books, working on DIY projects, and learning different platforms and technologies.



I am in Web & IT since 2000, being a freelancer, I have provided hosting services and developed hundreds of websites. My career has taken a turn when I meet with Mr. Najam Ahmed, my brother, my mentor, my best friend. He was running the ApnaKarobar website and providing domains and hosting services. He has helped me a lot in not just understanding the web field, but he has trained me on Internet Marketing and SEO. We have done lots of projects together and I have learned a lot from him.

While running ApnaKarobar we have provided services to some of the reputable organizations worldwide some of those were:

  • Axact Group
  • DAWN Newspaper
  • Jang Group
  • Awami Awaz Newspaper
  • Inbox Pakistan
  • Wateen Telecoom
  • MobileZone Pakistan
  • Pakistan Software Export Board
  • ECommerce Gateway Pakistan
  • P&G Pakistan
  • TCS Pakistan
  • Kalsoft Pakistan
  • SIEMENS Pakistan
  • Abacus Consulting

Internet Vision

We have seen the scope of Digital Marketing in UAE therefore Mr. Najam has shifted to UAE to start Internet Marketing courses in Dubai and Alhamdulillah he is one of the most reputable IM Trainer of UAE (SEO Intl – A part of Alwafaya Group UAE / ApnaKarobar). Apnakarobar has conducted several successful IM & SEO trainings in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad since 2002.



2000–2006: Full time with E-COM Worldwide. We were providing Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Web Designing, SEO and Training services to customers worldwide and also running a network of Adsense websites.

2006–2010: After the mass banning of Adsense in 2006 we suffer huge losses so I closed my office and started working as a freelancer from home I was providing Training, SEO and different other services to customers, meanwhile I started the job in a reputable newspaper as Website In charge in “The Financial Daily–Pakistan’s Second Largest Financial Newspaper”

2010–2014: I switched from The Financial Daily Newspaper and started working on Background Check Private Limited, a verification company, I started working as “Blog In-charge” within short span of time my supervisors realized my potential and asked me to start a I.T division and then we have started a company Xcluesive PTE Ltd and started providing I.T services to customers mainly from Singapore, Dubai and Malaysia we have completed several SEO, PPC, Development, System Design and other complicated projects during that time. I Was working as CTO in Xcluesiv PTE Ltd.



  • Reading Books & Latest Researches on Computers/ Electronics and science
  • Surfing websites regarding Web Development & Electronics
  • Creating Websites on different topics
  • Creating electronic circuits
  • Passing spare time with friends
  • Reading poetry
  • Reading love stories
  • Making good friends
  • Social Networking

2014 – Onwards: I left Xcluesiv Pte Ltd After having 4 years of experience where I joined as blog maintenance professional and left that company as CTO. I have started my own ventures, including a Training project and ForceGrowth International, a company that is providing its services to clients worldwide. We are Bitrix24 partners and providing consultancy, deployment, SEO, PPC, Digital marketing and customization services to our clients. We also provide custom development and training services to our customers. 

We have also started a SAAS-based project and we are currently providing services to over 5000 customers worldwide.



WordPress was started in 2003 and I have worked on WordPress 2005. I have learned several programming languages but for several reasons; I am not an expert in the programming field or you can say I didn’t make it for programming, therefore; I have selected WordPress as my strength and developed several websites on WordPress. Right now I can design any kind of WordPress from a basic CMS-based site to a large portal I can do all on WordPress.



In 2009 I meet Mr. Danish Thanvi CEO of Dataflow Pakistan, because of his expertise in WordPress I started working in Dataflow as Blogs Maintenance Professional. I have learned a lot from there and I have to admit that Danish Thanvi is one of the greatest personalities I have ever met. He gave me open ground and trusted me. I learned a lot of stuff there and promoted as I.T Manager in Dataflow. I was having some server management skills as well, so when the company expends there was a need of a server administrator so I have shown my skills and learn a lot of stuff there and proved myself as a professional server management technician. In that company I was managing IT Team, designing system workflows, doing server management and all kinds of research work including SEO and PPC for the company.

I build a strong team there and due to my team management skills; I was then promoted to CTO I have worked for 4 years in Dataflow meanwhile Dataflow was renamed as the Background Check Private Limited.

Because of my love with entrepreneurship, I have officially resigned from BCPL but still working as a solution provider due to long-term relationship with management and team.

The Fiverr Journey

After I left the job, it was a hard time for me. I was alone with a minor investment; it was almost not possible to start a proper business with that investment, so I joined Fiverr and started offering my services in 2014 (Server Management, Website Designing, Video Animation, Content Writing) from Fiverr within a short span of time I got first 20 clients and those clients started providing me work out of Fiverr and with help of Allah Almighty and that recurring work I could start my office and then I partnered with a friend Syed Faris Hussain and we both started ForceGrowth International.

DIY Projects

I have created over 200 DIY projects from small to a large ones. Some of those projects include Solar projects (Inverters, Chargers, Controllers, UPS) Energy-efficient lights and fans, automation-related projects, and lots more. I have created a website which was Pakistan’s first website on Electronics in 2001.




Blogging is my passion, I have created, managed, and ran many blogs, that includes RealKarachi Blog, Karachi Friends Blog, and various others, but since past few years I was busy in the job so much that I won’t get time to run those blogs, therefore, I have closed all the blogs and now I have the plan to start all again. I am a professional blogger and I am in blogging since 2002 when Adsense was not there and many of my blogger fellows don’t even know about blogging.


Professional Trainer

Iam a shy guy so it was one of the most strenuous work for me to present something in front of an audience. So I have taken it as a challenge and to share my skills with everyone I have started professional training. Till yet I have conducted several pieces of training on WordPress, Web Design, Entrepreneurship, Online Work, SEO, Make Money Online, Fiverr, etc.. Alhamdulillah, I have around 15000+ subscribers on YouTube and 500+ students and because of training sessions; I Have earned a lot of respect from my students.


Server Management

When I was running the website realkarachi.com in 2006, the site was having huge traffic, therefore; it was difficult for me to manage it on shared hosting, therefore I have moved it over to a dedicated server, well moving on the server was not a piece of cake, it has taught me my life’s hardest lessons, so after facing hardships I started learning server management by my own and after that, I have done a lot of server management and security related works for small clients to multinational firms. I have provided security, backup, multi-level cluster hosting solutions to several clients worldwide.



  • Server Management, Maintenance, Network Design, and Installation.
  • IT support and services.
  • DNS and Failover setup.
  • Virtual assistance.
  • Remote installation and setup.
  • Internet security.
  • Database backup management and migration.
  • Web Designing on Web 2.0 architecture.
  • WordPress theme designing and blog maintenance.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Electronics Circuits Designing and maintenance.
  • Alternate energy (Solar Energy and Efficient Energy)



  • Reading Books & Latest Researches on Computers/ Electronics and science
  • Surfing websites regarding Web Development & Electronics
  • Creating Websites on different topics
  • Creating electronic circuits
  • Passing spare time with friends
  • Reading poetry
  • Reading love stories
  • Making good friends
  • Social Networking